Monday, June 25, 2012

Macaroni not cheese

Pinterest has been a life saver as I was getting bored with the foods I have been cooking.  My son and husband are both allergic to milk and I am not creative on my own in making up replacement recipes.  However I am more than willing to try other people's recipes:-)  Enter my recipe board!

We try to do a meatless Monday at our house, but we are a meat eating family and Monday is met with dread and growling stomachs regularly.  I was about to bypass tonight's meatless menu and make something more appealing (hot dogs anyone), but I went to my food board to look at the recipe again that I originally had planned: Gluten free Dairy Free Mac n cheese made with cashew cheese from Angela's kitchen.  I would be making it with regular macaroni rather than gluten free noodles.

While I was looking at my board I saw a recipe for an avocado sauce that I wanted to try too. AND we had 2 avocados in the fridge that needed used!  So I talked it over with my dearest husband and we decided to serve the sauces separate from the macaroni and let everyone choose their favorite.
The consensus was: Don't use old garlic in the avocado sauce it is way too over-powering:-)  I even used 2 avocados and 2 tablespoons of lime juice but left the other seasonings the same and it still was too overpowering!  I also added a Tablespoon of water because my sauce just wasn't getting creamy in the blender.  My sauce still doesn't look as good as the picture at Two Peas and Their Pod!  I wonder what kind of blender they have...

The cashew sauce was a hit, though it didn't taste very good to me, maybe because I ate the garlic avocado stuff first.  I didn't modify that recipe at all (except to use regular rather than gluten free pasta).  It looks like real macaroni and cheese, doesn't it?  And it wasn't grainy like other cashew sauces or milks I've tried.  Maybe the trick is blending the cashews to a powder first?

Does anyone else do a meatless Monday?  What kind of dishes do you serve?

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