Friday, June 29, 2012

Time to Choose

Exactly one month before his 19th birthday and Mike was hard at work in the garden.  Though the 20’ by 30’ piece of land wasn’t much, it was all he cared about right now.  He was so busy in fact, he didn’t notice the transport shuttle which flew overhead and landed on the pad in front of the house.  But then again this wasn’t an unfamiliar sight.  Recruiters came around regularly to demonstrate to Mike what he was missing.
            Just like every time before the recruiter (who was always male since Mike was a male and Fleet regulations prohibit mixed gender recruiting) would introduce himself to Mike’s parents Steve and Tasha.  He would then shower them with compliments about their home, then ask to see Mike.  Steve and Tasha would then lead him out to the garden and remain there listening to the recruiter’s obviously rehearsed speech.  They made no secret about the fact that they wanted Mike to “Do something with his life.”

You can read more by clicking on this link:  "Time to Choose" (Cade) By Brian Holt and illustrated by James Holt.

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