Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Organizing Pinterest

I love Pinterest!  I have been using it to keep track of recipes, home school ideas, craft ideas, organizing ideas, prayer ideas, and the list goes on!  But I have run into a problem: My initial boards are no longer adequate for the VOLUME of things I have pinned!  So slowly I am adding new boards and moving pins around.  I will probably be changing my recipes board divide recipes by course, like you would in a recipe box.  OR Maybe I could put recipes on the recipe board until we have tried them and like them, then they could be added to the recipe box boards.  I need to do something similar with my craft board.  I am thinking of dividing it to boards titled "To do WITH the kids", "To do FOR the kids", and "General Mommy Therapy".

So how do you organize your Pinterest Boards?

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