Friday, June 29, 2012

Welcome to Carmichael

Mike couldn’t believe what was going on.  It was all too surreal.  Not quite a half hour ago Mike was a civilian saying good-bye to his parents, and now he is sitting in the commissary of the transport ship Orion having dinner and awaiting his first rank and assignment.  But since his first assignment is to be docking executive officer for one of the least reputed stations in the Fleet, he felt he could wait his whole life to fill that position.
            At least he has good company right now.  The Orion’s Commanding Officer Jerry Keells was hosting this fine meal for the two of them.  Physically, Commander Keells is a very large and intimidating man.  Yet despite his appearance he is actually a highly respected C.O. with a well-deserved reputation for running a very organized and efficient ship.  And above all else, he is greatly loved by his crew.

Yes, you've guessed it, for the rest of this exciting story please click here.  "Welcome to Carmichael" is the 3rd part of an excellent series entitled Cade, by Brian Holt.

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