Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Let's Get Organized!

I am trying to organize my life.  I am sure it will be a life long process:-)  I have read Managers of Their Homes and Large Family Logistics recently and I realize that everything I have read has the same basic ideas.  Fly Lady, Emilie Barnes, the Slob Sisters...They all have the same idea: Build a routine for your day, for your week, for the seasons.  WRITE IT DOWN somehow.  Then DO IT!  It doesn't matter if it is written on 3x5 cards, on color coded sticky notes, or on notebook paper in your Home Management Binder.

So that is my plan:-)  We actually have a few good routines in place.  Nap time is about 1pm.  Dinner is about 4:30.  Bedtime about 8pm.  We have recently started doing table chores with the boys after each meal.  So back to the drawing board for me!  I will be using MOTH to make a schedule for our family.  We need to have the basics in place (Up, dressed, breakfast, clean up, lunch, clean up, naps, dinner, clean up, and bed time) so that we can add in school the end of next month or the beginning of September!

Stay tuned as we get organized!

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