Friday, July 20, 2012

Mommy's sick but has promises to keep

Don't those look yummy?  My mil brought home muffins from work, but didn't know what they were made with so we couldn't give them to our 3yo.  He was VERY disappointed, so mommy promised to make him some muffins.  Yesterday was town day so I bought the blueberries.  Then this morning I woke up feeling miserable.  I'm achy and stuffed up and tired and bleck, yup I caught what everyone else had last week:-P  However, I knew if I didn't make the muffins today I would never do it, the blueberries would go bad and I'd feel like a terrible mommy.  So I did a quick search and found this recipe.  I used regular sugar and brown sugar, but substituted all spice instead of cinnamon in the topping.  DELICIOUS!!  Normally I would look for a more whole food version or substitute Splenda instead of sugar, but I wasn't in the mood this morning and I needed to get started on it before I lost my resolve.  It was a good thing too.  I sat all morning after breakfast, made lunch, cleaned up lunch and slept all afternoon in the recliner.  

Another recipe I've been using while sick is this one for a cold remedy.  As a nursing mommy I get nervous about what medications I take and most of it doesn't work well for me anyway (knocks me out and renders me more useless to my family!)  I did not have any cayenne (we don't do spicy around here) and I just have the regular old supermarket kind of Cider Vinegar, but I think it cuts through the gunk in my throat and the honey definitely soothes my throat.  I will warn you...I didn't think it tasted that great.  My kids get a HUGE kick out of the faces I make when I down the stuff.  Though I think it still beats having to take Robitussin!

How do you cope when you are sick and the family still needs cared for?

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